Respeite o idoso. Lembre que um dia você ficará idoso e vai querer ser respeitado.

terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2009


01) Walmir _will call_ you tomorrow (call)

02) Wellington eats lunch in the cafeteria every day (eats)

03) Adair and Cida always begin his new job on the first (begin)

04) Listen! Leo is knocking at the door (knock)

05) Kemi is making good progress in her studies at present (make)

06) She is having lunch for the cafeteria now (have)

07) The weather will be cool cold tomorrow morning (be)

08) They will finish the project in December 2070 (finish)

09) Indira is going to go to Europe by plane (go)

10) He is going to star his new job next week (start)

11) Walmir goes to the club twice a week (go)

12) Adair does the work of two people (do)

13) The teacher wishes to speak with you (wish)

14) Indira and Leonard watch tv every twesday (watch)

15) Indira studies in the same class as Leo (study)

16) Isaac plays the guitar very well (play)

17) Kemi carries the books in a briefcase (carry)

18) Adair and Wellington eat lunch together every Saturday and Sunday (eat)

19) The book is in my house (be)

20) Indira is a clever girl (be)

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