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terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2009

Exercício Revisão Simple Present Tense

A) Complete com o tempo verbal adequado
1. Walmir ____ you tomorrow (call))
2. Wellington ____ lunch in the cafeteria every day (eats)
3. Adair and Cida always _____his new job on the first
04) Listen! Leo ___________ at the door (knock)
05) Kemi ____________ good progress in her studies at present (make)
06) She _________ lunch for the cafeteria now (have)
07) The weather _______ cool cold tomorrow morning (be)
08) They ________ the project in December 2070 (finish)
09) Indira _________ to Europe by plane (go)
10) He is __________ his new job next week (start)
11) Walmir __________ to the club twice a week (go)
12) Adair _______ the work of two people (do)
13) The teacher _________ to speak with you (wish)
14) Indira and Leonard _____ television every Tuesday (watch)
15) Indira _________ in the same class as Leo (study)
16) Isaac ________ the guitar very well (play)
17) Kemi ________ the books in a briefcase (carry)
18) Adair and Wellington _______ lunch together every Saturday and Sunday (eat)
19) The book ______ in my house (be)
20) Indira ______ a clever girl (be)

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