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quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2012

Inglês Conteúdo 1a Unidade 8o ano Antiga 7a série


Conteúdo Programático da 1ª Unidade para ano Colégio FCM
Trabalhos para 1ª unidade: observe que a pesquisa 2 é para os alunos do 9º ano.
1- Pesquisa de vocabulário 2
a) imprimir ou baixar para celular [aqui
b) copiar ou imprimir [aqui]
I - Presentation: Unit 01
A. Skimming is a process that takes move the eyes rapidly with the propose of getting the main idea of the text
B. Scanning  is a way that cover the great deal of material in other to lacate an especific information, (it´s look like a copy)

01- Text: “Your style”, page 07.

II – Practice.
02- Reading test and answer questions 3, 4 and 5 orally based on the text: “Do children wear a school uniform?”, page 08.

03- Vocabulary 1= of the text “Do children wear school uniform?”

04- Vocabulary uniform: 2= boys (trousers, shorts, shirt, tie, sweater or jumper, shoes) and girls (skits, dress), pages 09 and 10.

05- Listening and check the correct answers: true or false, page 10.

06- Conversation vocabulary school uniform and regular clothing: prefer, my opinion, agree, don’t agree, page 11.

07- Reading 2 vocabulary (advertisement): department store, newspapers, shopping mall, supermarkets, well-price, price, clothes advertisement, page 12.

08- Reading exercise: read and check the clothes accessories pages 13 and 14

III- Production
09- Paper: draw or glue pieces of clothing with their prices choose your target audience: children, adolescents, adult or elderly people.

10- To correct exercise

11- Production on the book page 15,

12- Grammar: comparative degree of adjectives.

13- Exercise comparative form of adjectives: differences between styles, questions: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

14- To Correct exercise

15- Use of: “now” and “then”

16- Exercise: now and then.

17- Irregular forms of adjectives good (better) and bad (worse).

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