Respeite o idoso. Lembre que um dia você ficará idoso e vai querer ser respeitado.

sábado, 27 de fevereiro de 2010

Apostila Inglês 7/8 Versão 2



8 ano [VOLTAR [05]
Text: Talk about yourself
- I am Walmir, I live in Federação, I am Bahia fan, my favorite singer is Gilberto Gil

- I am _________, I live in ___________, I am _________ fan, my favorite singer is ___________

- I am _________, I live in ___________, I am _________ fan, my favorite singer is ___________

- I am _________, I live in ___________, I am _________ fan, my favorite singer is ___________

9 ano [VOLTAR[ 07]
Text: Ask and answer
- What is your name?
- My name is Walmir
- Who is she?
- She is Ademildes
- Who is he?
- He is Líbio.
- Where does Ademldes live?
- She lives in Cabula six
- Where does Libio live?
- He lives in cabula five
- Where do you live?
- I live in Federação.

01- I ___________________ (work) in my garden
02- I ___________________ (work) in my house
03- I ___________________ (work) in my garden
04- You ___________________ (listen) to your TV show.
05- You ___________________ (listen) to your son
06- He ___________________ (talk) with Peter
07- Peter ___________________ (talk) with Mary
08- Mary ___________________ (talk) with us
09- She___________________ (learn) English with Walmir
10- Marta ___________________ (learn) History with Nina
11- Joaquin ___________________ (learn) Chemistry with Ana Borges
12- Walmir ___________________ (live) in England
13- We ___________________ (expect) to talk with the headmaster
14- He and she ___________________ (expect) their parents
15- I and she ___________________ (change) our idea about the meeting
16- Sergio and he ___________________ (like) Brazilian movies
17- Oscar, Sara and Mathews ___________________ (wait ) for your call
18- They ___________________ (paint) her house blue, red and white
19- I ___________________ (arrive) from Paris
20- You ___________________ (watch) television show with her sister
21- He ___________________ (learn) how to dance
22- She ___________________ (prepare) English lesson with music
23- It ___________________ (enter) in the classroom
24- We ___________________ (stay) in Salvador at Mathews’ family house
25- You all ___________________ (pass) in Walmir English examinations
26- The crowd ___________________ (wait) for your proposal
27- His father ___________________ (plan) his work well
28- The meeting ___________________ (last) when the boss arrives to say good bye
29- The old woman in blue and read ___________________ (faint) in the principal office
30- You both ___________________ (arrive) at ten
31- They ___________________ (invest) all their moneys in big companies
32- He ___________________ (telephone) for our family in Zurich
33- I ___________________ (be) your English teacher
34- you ___________________ (be) great-grandson
35- He ___________________ (be) our brother-in-law
36- She ___________________ (be) my fiancée
37- Walmir and Barbara___________________ (be) teachers from FCM
1) Give the correct present tense form of the veb in the parentheses. [dê a forma correta do presente simples dos verbos nos parênteses][AQUI]
2) Give the correct NEGATIVE present tense form of the veb in the parentheses. [dê a forma NEGATIVA correta do presente simples dos verbos nos parênteses][AQUI]

TRABALHO: “International Woman’s Day 2010”.Dia Internacional da Mulher
Tarefa em equipe de 5 alunos com cartaz:
1- Pesquise: porque comemorar o
dia internacional da mulher?
2- Pesquise: adjetivos em inglês que descrevam, caracterizem a mulher.
3- Entreviste uma mulher de sua família para saber como ela ver o papel da mulher no mundo de hoje em comparação com o passado
A mulher está sendo mais respeitada ou menos respeitada?
5- Faça um cartaz homenageando as mulheres no seu dia.
1- Cartaz
2- Apresentação (oral) dos cinco alunos da pesquisa (1), os adjetivos em inglês (2), resultado da entrevista (3), o respeito ou desrespeito para com a mulher (4)
Valor / pontuação:
1- Valor 2,0 pontos2- Pontuação: cartaz 1,0 (de zero até 1,0) e apresentação 1,0 (0,25 X 4)


Cigarette smoking can cause the death of many people annually. It affects the heart and the lung and interferes with work performance.

There are many toxic substances a
cigarette smoking. These substances can cause cancer.

To stop smoking is difficult for some people but it is not impossible to do that. Smoking and pregnancy are incompatible. It affects the baby and can occur spontaneous abortion and preterm births.

We have much work to do in helping a friend to stop smoking.

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